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Winner of European Inventor Award European Inventor Award Highlights
Ben Wiens, Danny Epp Award Acceptance
Ben Wiens, Danny Epp nomination interview
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The European Inventor Awards are like the Oscars, but for inventors worldwide. In early 2010, myself and Danny Epp, who I had worked with at Ballard Power, were nominated for this award.
Ben Wiens...energy scientist Ben Wiens...energy scientist 2023Mar05 5pg 13K
I received some really good experience with energy research and development during the several years I worked at Ballard Power in BC Canada where I was involved in stack development, small powerplants, the hydrogen fuel cell bus, submarine studies, and design of portable manpacks.
Make the Boeing 737 MAX safe again Make the Boeing 737 MAX safe again 2023Mar05 2pg 4K
The Boeing 737 MAX can be made safe again with some "keep it simple stupid" changes. Bascially the main thing that is required is to change the wiring of one of the power cut off switches back to how it works on the Boeing 737 NG model. Yes, it could be that simple.
direct methanol fuel cell The Future of Fuel Cells 2023Mar05 11pg 57K 11fig Yr10
Different types of fuel cells such as Solid Oxide, Polymer Electrolyte, Phosphoric Acid, Alkaline, Molten Carbonate are examined. Something not found in articles about fuel cells very often is a second-law analysis of fuel cells. Also discussed is why fuel cells are generally more efficient than heat engines.
Fuel Cell electrode Understanding Patents 2023Mar05 14pg 64K 7fig Yr10
The six different sections of a US patent are explained. Understand why patent attorneys focus only on patentability, while the issues of infringement and coverage are often ignored. Presently preliminary patent searches can be done on the Internet. The main example used is the Ballard fuel cell patent US5,176,966 which was granted as a result of research that I was largely responsible for while working there.
Future Power The Future of Energy 2023Mar05 5pg 23K 1 fig Yr10
Problems with nuclear power and deregulation of electric power may dramatically change electric powerplant technology. Solid Oxide fuel cells presently look the most promising for this market. If solar cells become efficient and inexpensive they could gain in popularity, but storage of electricity is a problem. It is not likely hydrogen will be widely used, liquid fuel is easier to transport and store.
carnot-ratio Energy Science Made Simple 2023Mar05 32pg 171K 32fig Yr12
Advanced concepts such as thermodynamics, entropy, relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and string theories are difficult to comprehend. Often complicated formulas and scientific jargon are used. In this booklet advanced concepts of energy are presented in a reasonably uncomplicated way.
calorie Encyclopedia of Energy Science 2023Mar05 14pg 61K 16fig Yr8
A specialized energy encyclopedia that lists more obscure words not often found in regular encyclopedias. Explanations based on latest modern theories. Use alone or as a companion document when reading the booklet "Energy Science Made Simple".
2nd law formulaes Second-law Analysis of Gas Turbines 2023Mar05 12pg 45K 11 fig Yr14
The second-law analysis methods presented use simple formulas and concepts. No understanding of entropy is required as concepts revolve around the helmholtz-ratio. A complete set of simple formulas are provided for analyzing a gas turbine. These formulas adjust for a multitude of varying conditions such as cooling bypass, pressure ratio and pressure losses. Four popular gas turbines and two proposed designs are analyzed in detail.
rapid transit Urban Travel Issues 2023Mar05 17pg 81K 17fig Yr10
Will future motor vehicle technologies solve problems of pollution, fuel consumption, or congestion? Are fuel shortages and high fuel prices in the future going to force us out of motor vehicles and into transit? Electronic road tolling could be used to radically shape traffic and more fairly raise money for transit subsidies?
MathCAD formulaes Ben Wiens Energy Science Downloads 2023Mar05
Universal gas turbine cycle--MathCAD
Fuel Cells for Distributed Power Production--Acrobat
3D Mechanical Desktop Shows Versatility--Acrobat
Turbo Expo Shows Off Latest In Gas Turbines--Acrobat
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